Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography exemplifies the idea of American Individualism

the books that its used for this class its called The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Ninth Edition, Volumes A and B, Nina Baym General Editor, W.W. Norton Company, New York, 2017

Response Paper #2

As a reminder, this response is worth 10 points, and you are not supposed to use ANY outside resources other than the reading from the textbooks and any resources I have provided.  If you do choose to use an outside resource, make sure you are citing your outside source correctly and clearly and that you are enclosing any language that is not your own in quotation marks.  Your response should be a minimum of 2 full pages, MLA formatted.

Topic #1:  Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography exemplifies the idea of American Individualism.  Throughout his autobiography, Franklin consistently describes instances where his persistent hard work, dedication, study of his own character, and intelligence contributed to making him one of the most successful and famous people in history.  Think of an example in contemporary American culture that testifies to the persistence of the myth of the self-made man (or woman).  In your response, address the following questions: How do news programs, novels, television shows, and movies perpetuate the contemporary ideal of the self-made individual (ideally, your response should focus around one of these mediums)?  What do current figures have in common with Franklin?  In what ways are they different?  Again, you should focus on one or two figures (or “types” of figures) in order to focus your response.  Don’t forget to include textual support!

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